Opticline CS-series


Especially for turned parts.

New line from Jenoptik is the ideal system for optical shaft measurements. Opticline CS is fitted with camera systems that allows a simultaneous tridimensional measuring, to detect data for smaller geometric features at the highest resolution. Numeros measuring points and the mechanical precision of rotational axis, ensure highest accuracy for shape measurements and reliabilty for repetition and values stability.

Measurements integrated to workflow.

Robust and compact desing, makes Opticline CS suitable to production area, in compliance to IP65 regulation. The whole range of systems is featured by auto-calibration and temperature compensation workpiece/environement. Real-time control of workpiece's quality standards during manufactoring enable immediate adjustment. The added benefit of having a measuring system next to lathe, provides faster measurements and reduce rework.

Easy, fast and realiable.

Opticline CS is fully-customed by interfaces for statistical process controll (SPC). User-friendly software allow to obtain, in few second, clear and capable analysis and conclusive report. All-in-one measuring system, for dimension, shape and postion ensures reliability and precision, thanks to user-independent results. Due to semplicity of software, Opticline CS is easy to operate and program, even by unskilled operators.

Invest in quality.

High performance and Jenoptik degree of competence in metrology, makes Opticline CS a winning solution in optical measuring market.


  • Robust and compact desing
  • Quality control both in manufacturing or in measuring room
  • Easy to operate and program
  • Automated measuring runs
  • User-independent results